Simmtech Process Engineering Ltd.

Simmtech takes your plant and process concepts and develops them into working operations.

Simmtech will conduct the necessary research and development to transform your concepts into workable processes and assist your management with critical path business development.

We understand the importance of process control and can design your system to whatever level of automation and control sophistication you require. We are 'computer-assisted-design proficient'.

Simmtech takes pride in being able to provide a complete development service, assisting with any or all phases from concept through to design, construction, and commissioning.

Simmtech's strength is our employees, with specialists in the following fields:
- process design and automation
- electronics engineering  

- mechanical engineering

- chemical engineering  

- food science and processing

- technical sales  

- stainless steel fabrication and welding

Simmtech has long-term relationships with several major industry suppliers, including:
Strategic Integrator status with Allen-Bradley and Alfa Laval
Distributor status with ABB

Broker/Distributor status with Liqui-Box

With our team's knowledge, experience, and capabilities...

With our dedication to working closely with both staff and operations in your facilities...
We feel confident that you are making the right choice with a Simmtech solution.